Tights Ball Lewisham with Tights

The COP26 Tights Ball represents the scale of the textile crisis.

One ball could take a 1000 years to biodegrade!

Join the conversation, get involved!

We invite you to join our quest to roll a giant Tights Ball to the UN COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.




The Climate Emergency is upon us, it's no longer about sustainability or recycling, we are beyond that stage, it is now all about fundamental behaviour change, welcome to the COP26 Tights Ball programme.


Restarting our successful 2012-16 Tights Ball project, this national programme will engage business, communities and government to reassess our relationship with textiles, clothes and household materials.  We will highlight and tackle many of the underlying issues through an engaging programme of workshops, toolkits and online summits.


'The fashion industry is responsible for 10 % of annual global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. At this pace, the fashion industry’s greenhouse gas emissions will surge more than 50 % by 2030.' (World Bank)

Get Involved


With customers, clients and employees increasingly demanding credible environmental credentials, the COP26 Tights Ball offers a range of lighthearted options that really engages this pressing subject.

The Tights Ball works well for team building workshops and focal point for customer engagement, why not become a sponsor?

Community & Arts

Art, craft, community and conversation sits at the very heart of COP26 TIghts Ball.  We are inviting artists and communities to build their own Tights Balls and join us at the

UN COP26 Climate Change Conference.

Building a Tights Ball is fun, engaging and very theraputic, so contact us now and we'll get your started.

Local Authority

Initially a Local Authority commission, this programme can adapt to local priorities and offer officers a direct route to engage with residents, particularly hard to reach communities about textile waste complexity.

Many London boroughs have had events with collection boxes and exhibitions in hospitals, libraries, train stations, even the Fire Brigade HQ, we would love to discuss what we can do in your area?





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